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Microsoft Financing

Microsoft Financing provides a single financing resource for all of your customers’ IT needs. Unlike traditional financing, Microsoft Financing will finance 100 percent of eligible Microsoft, third-party and ISV software; partner services; and hardware…with no hidden costs.

SmartPay from Microsoft offers you the tools to focus on your customers needs rather than their budget cycle. By financing your customers’ total lT solution with zero payments for six months, you can sell more, more often and help build relationships that grow at the same time.

Program Details

  • Microsoft Financing is available to commercial customers only.
  • This is not a lease program.
  • Your customers own the hardware at the beginning of the contract.
  • You can finance software, services and hardware as long as there is at least one Microsoft component in the contract. Your customers receive rights to use the software as long as needed based on payment terms.
  • Microsoft Financing or its agents reserve the right to request additional information for credit purposes on any contract. Financial statements are required for all contracts over US$200,000 and may be requested on smaller contracts from time to time.
  • Microsoft Financing is available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Korea, Italy, Brazil, and Canada.

Contract Changes

At any time during the contract, you can add software, hardware or services with supplemental financing starting at $3,000. Additional credit approval may be required.

Payment Details

  • Interest rates are competitive and determined by the term and size of the contract.
  • Payment terms are offered in 24- to 60-month increments, depending on the program.
  • Down payments are generally not required.
  • Microsoft Financing can work with you to structure payments on a case-by-case basis

Microsoft Financing

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